Hi there!!

I’m Sheena and I’m a new mom!! I originally created this blog to log my journey of becoming a birth professional and to network with others. I am an advocate for women’s health and believe that women should be informed of every aspect of the birthing process, so that they may approach it with excitement and empowerment instead of bracing themselves for the unknown and being fearful. However, as life happens, I became a mother instead!!

Even with all the research I had done, my birth experience was somewhat traumatic for me. I went into it with one vision and came out of it with a completely different perspective. Now I blog about birth instead of pursuing a midwife career but my ultimate goal in life is to be a successful mother!!

Please feel free to poke around and let me know your thoughts. I also encourage women to share their birth stories, as every woman has a unique and different experience. If you enjoy reading my posts, please follow me on Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest. Thanks for visiting and come back soon!!!

Thanks for visiting!! Sharing is caring...

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